Dear Anymoms (and Dads)…

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To the  Anymoms and Anydads out there …


You may not know my name, but I am one of you . . . of course I am one of you.

I have been in the PANS forums with you for years…. and even though the story I have written is ‘our story’ I promise you there are pieces of each of you in Shadow Syndromes- because I have watched your videos, and cried at your posts, and shook my head in disbelief as I witness en-masse how our children suffer and how we all fight for the same things. 

Please keep reading and sharing this book and take a moment to post an honest review on Amazon. Our collective voice as Anyparents is the most powerful tool we have to help our children.

I will remain known only as ‘Anymom (and in doing so represent no one in particular and all of us at the same time) and I will work to spread the message of Shadow Syndromes as far and as wide as I am able. 

My Anyfamily has been blessed with medical care that validates and properly treats what our Anychild has, but I know there are thousands upon thousands of you who do not have this blessing.  This has to change, and the way it will change is by continued research and medical validation of this illness.

In support of this fact, 20% of all proceeds from the sale of Shadow Syndromes will go directly to the

PANS RESEARCH program at Stanford University. 




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